Thalgo Purity Program 15 Days Treatment

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Thalgo Purity Program 15 Days Treatment

Gentle Purifying Gel – 35ml: The first step for combination to oily skin to remove make-up, deeply cleanse and eliminate impurities and excess sebum for clean, fresh skin. Advoid eye area.

Intense Regulating Concentrate – Controls Shine – 3×1, 2ml: This very powerful intensive treatment product moderates seborrhoea, restores the quality of sebum, reduces skin thickness and unclogs pores Apply morning and evening (1 vial = 2 applications) over the entire face after cleansing. In just 7 days, the skin is purified and sebum secretion is normalised.

Perfect Matt Fluid 15Ml: This fluid offers dual anti-shine correction. Apply morning and/or evening over the entire face after cleansing.

Absolute Purifying Mask 15ml: This treatment mask eliminates sebum and impurities in 10 minutes. The skin appears instantly cleared and the complexion is visibly eve Apply twice a week in an even layer over the entire face, avoiding the eye contour. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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