Portnablagh Beach & Pier Walk

Dander & Dine 2

Portnablagh beach and pier

Every guest here comes for different reasons and to do different things. But one request we receive over and over again is: “Where can we go for a dander?”

One of our favourite walks is from the hotel to Portnablagh pier and beach. Leaving the hotel, you walk down to the seafront and turn left….and just keep going. Please walk on the right.

You’re in for a very special treat as the views you are about to take in are utterly breath-taking.

As you set off, after 200 metres you will see the Shandon Hotel & Spa to your left. It’s a great view, and a good opportunity to take a picture for your social media – or just to send to a friend or relative back home (fun envy is just fun!).

Another 300 metres further along the road you will wind to the top of a hill and look to your right, if you haven’t done so already. There is a stunning view across the mouth of Sheephaven Bay and over to the Rosguil peninsula. The Rosguil townlands you can see from here include Lower Downings and Gortamore. You will be standing in the townland of Faugher Lower.

As the road twists and turns, you will see the Shandon again to your left from a different angle. Another 800 metres along on your right you will see the golden sands of Killahoey Beach in the distance and beyond that the Horn Head peninsula.

Look to your left and the mountain on the horizon is Muckish. The name comes from the Irish ‘an Mhucais’ which means ‘the pig’s back’. When viewed from a different angle Muckish does indeed look like a pig, with its distinctive flat top. It rises to 2,189 feet (or 667 metres) and is part of the Derryveagh mountain range. (For collectors of odd facts it’s Ireland’s 163rd highest mountain!!!).

With views like this you’ll think you’re on a pig’s back.

It’s such a beautiful walk to Portnablagh along this quiet country road, with sweeping bends, uphills and downhills. After 3.8km you will reach the N56 Road. Turn right here. There is a footpath here and follow it to the next junction (around 300 metres) and then turn right again and continue on for around 400 metres to Portnablagh pier. Again this is a lovely part of the walk as the pier and view rise before you.

There is a small beach here, popular with families with toddlers as the water can be very calm as it is sheltered by the pier walls. When the tide is in, the beach is split into two. The clear Atlantic waters here are very inviting. On a good day holidaymakers and locals like to swim from the piers.

There are plenty of places to rest along the pier, where you can dangle your legs after your 4.5km dander (around 6,700 steps on a Fitbit).

When you’re ready for the dander back to the hotel, you’ll think you’ve seen it all already. You haven’t. The road back throws up new views and new perspectives and even better angles for pictures.

By the time you’ve reached the hotel again you will have clocked 9km or around 13,500 steps. Now might be a good time to hit the hotel Spa!

The dander to Portnablagh and back again is a truly rewarding walk which you will want to do over and over again.  Feel free to post pictures and tag The Shandon on your social media.

After your picturesque dander, we promise you will feel resfreshed, relaxed and ready to indulge in all our culinary delights for the evening ahead!

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